Governing Bodies - NSA

National Softball Association (NSA)


Founded: 1982

Contact Information:
National Softball Association
PO Box 7
Nicholasville, KY  40340
Tel.  (859) 887-4114

Background of NSA:
The National Softball Association (NSA) was founded in 1982 by Hugh Cantrell in Lexington, Kentucky.  Today you can find the national headquarters for the NSA in Nicholasville, Kentucky.  The NSA offers multiple levels of play from youth through adult.

The National Softball Association’s mission is simply “to be the most successful softball association in the United States.”  One way the NSA works towards that goal is to make softball affordable for all to enjoy.  NSA hopes to run a “cost effective” organization that keeps the player, park and recreation department in mind.  The National Softball Association believes “A company wide attitude that recognizes that the team\ sponsor \ coach’s satisfaction is everything” will help them become the most successful softball association ever.

The NSA website ( provides a great deal of information on topics like championships, coaching, rules and standards, and more.