Governing Bodies - USSSA

United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA)


Founded: 1968

Contact Information:
611 Line Drive
Kissimmee, FL  34744
Tel. (321) 697-3636

Background of USSSA:
The United States Specialty Sports Association or sometimes referred to as U-Trip was formed in 1968.  In 1968 the original name of the organization was the United States Slow-Pitch Softball Association (USSSA).  The origins of this group came out of a group of softball managers who wanted to see changes within the softball governing bodies.  USSSA wanted to focus on ideas for progressive changes to the game.  In 1968 DiOrio, Ernst, Ciaccia, and Mazza organized an experimental world tournament.  Some changes they tried were 65-foot bases paths, and a smaller batters box.  The tournament registered 50 teams from 15 different states, and the USSSA was born.

By 1997 the association was governing Slow Pitch, Fastpitch, baseball, basketball and golf.  It was at this time that a name change to the now United States Specialty Sports Association was made.  This made USSSA the first multi- sport governing body.

The USSSA website ( has a good deal of information to be accessed.  You can find information on tournaments, licensed bats, and a Hall of Fame.