How do I take care of a Youth Big Barrel baseball bat?

Break-in Period

If you are buying an aluminum youth big barrel baseball bat, there is no break-in necessary. Aluminum baseball bats are generally as hot as they are going to get as soon as you take them out of the wrapper. With composite youth big barreled baseball bats, you will have to spend some time getting them ready to perform at their peak. Generally composite baseball bats are going to need around 150 to 200 hits on them to start performing up to their potential -  but many newer models offer better performance right out of the wrapper. When breaking in a composite baseball bat, it is important to start off at about 50% power and gradually increase as your swing count rises. It is also important to rotate the bat about a 1/4 inch on every swing. This ensures that your baseball bat gets evenly broken in.


Regarding temperature and bats of different materials, many people believe that Composite youth big barrel baseball bats tend to be much more sensitive to temperature than alloy youth big barrel baseball bats. However, a bat of any material will run a higher chance of becoming damaged when its used in lower temperatures. Many manufacturers have their own suggestions on minimum temperatures that their bats should be used in. However, as a rule of thumb, we recommend that you avoid (or attempt to limit) using your bat in temperatures below 55 degree Fahrenheit. There isn't a maximum temperature that you should avoid using your baseball bat in.

Additional Tips

  • Limit the use of your good bat. Our Demo bats are perfect for batting cage practice. Save the wear and tear for when it really matters: in the game.
  • Do not use dimpled balls to practice with. These balls can have damaging effects on your baseball bat.
  • Limit the number of teammates that use the same bat. Bats DO break. The fewer hits on the bat, the better chance you have at lasting durability.
  • Do not use your baseball bat to knock dirt off of your cleats. This can damage the bat.
  • If using a youth wood baseball bat, swing with the label facing toward you. This is a common mistake and often will lead to a prematurely broken bat.


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