2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F

8 Reviews
2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
  • 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
  • 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
  • 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
  • 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
  • 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
  • 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
  • 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
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Don't order from anyone else!!!!!!! Fast shipping, Outstanding customer service, and the BEST prices. I am referring you to all of my friends.

- Jeff, Sioux Falls, SD

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Product Features

  • -5 Length To Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • No Risk 30-Day Challenge!
  • Not Satisfied With The Performance Of Your Axe Bat Within 30 Days? Send It Back For A Refund Or Exchange!
  • Free Shipping!
  • Axe Handle Is Ergonomically Designed For Better Control, Comfort, Bat Speed, & Safety
  • Colorway: Black / Blue
  • End Loaded Swing Weight For Superior Power
  • Endogrid Technology Reduces Negative Vibration & Increases Overall Comfort
  • Engineered Hitting Zone Maximizes Performance Over A 270 Degree Contact Area
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • HyperWhip Composite End Cap Removes Excess Weight Which Helps Increase Swing Speed
  • Lightweight, Composite Handle Is Flex-tuned To Increase Whip & Reduce Sting
  • Mantic Alloy Creates The Strongest Barrel Axe Has Ever Built
  • Recommended For Power Hitters Looking To Maximize Performance
  • Two-Piece, Hybrid Baseball Bat
  • New USA Baseball Certification
  • Approved For Play In AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, & Pony


8 Product Reviews


Average Customer Review

4 Star Rating   8 customer reviews

Review This Bat
2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
4.375 Star Rating
by Ken Slevinsky
2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F review by Ken Slevinsky
Pros: This bat is an engineering piece of art. My 13 yr. old son loves this bat (32/27). It's beautiful to look at and hold. The handle design feels so good in his hands, so comfortable, and no sting makes for many more swings at a practice. He's taken the bat to the fields 3 times for batting practice since we've gotten it, and he can't wait to get swing it in a game. I can't imagine him ever swinging the old style knob again. Cons:None yet.

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2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
4.375 Star Rating
by Scott R
2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F review by Scott R
Pros: Was definitely worried about the -5 drop for my 5', 90lb 11- year old but he swings it with no problem. He had been using a 30/25 BambooBat during a wood bat tournament and it is nearly identical to that (length/weight), minus the bamboo and plus the engineered hitting zone, great grip and nice graphics. Cons:Bat speed is down a little versus his Combat Vigor (30/22) Only ding on the bat is the pop which has been engineered out of it but the ball still comes off as good as with his Bamboo bat.

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2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F
4.375 Star Rating
by Cameron M
2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F review by Cameron M
Pros: I have put in a ton of research into the new USA Bat standard given I am a parent of 2 players, coach of 2 team and board member at our local Little League. I can tell you for a fact, do not think all USA Bats are created equally. It was hard to give this bat a 4 star rating for pop knowing how much better the old bats were, but compared to just USA Bats, this bat is top dog. My 5'4" 130 lbs son tried all of the $200-$300 bats and the Elite was the only bat he could still hit for power consistently. Pros: Huge sweet spot Axe Handle End loaded for power Cons:None to speak of so far after 500 swings.

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Questions and Answers

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How many swings does it have?

With regards to the 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F it is hard to say how many swings one could put on the barrel of the bat before it starts to break down.

Cameron Expert ·Jun 28, 2018


I am going to Cooperstown in a few weeks and I want to know is this bat shaved? I want to use it next year, will I be able to? I play travel ball in different tournaments and I want to know if this bat is illegal in some tournaments.

The 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F should be legal for any tournament that does not require a BBCOR bat. This bat is not shaved and is sold in the same condition it is received from Axe.

Cameron Expert ·Jun 28, 2018


Do you have to break in this bat? If so how?

The 2018 Axe Elite -5 USA Baseball Bat: L134F features a hybrid design. This means that the barrel features alloy material. Alloy bats will not require a break-in period, and will be at its peak performance right out of the wrapper.

Dan Expert ·Apr 11, 2018

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Product Description

All new Axe Bats come with a no risk 30-day challenge! You can use this model in a batting cage, in practice, or even in a game. If you are not satisfied within 30 days from your original purchase date, you may send it back to us for a full refund or exchange, no questions asked!

Axe baseball bats are for the bold! For the 2018 season, the Elite series is one of the most durable models on the market. It all starts with the military grade Mantic alloy barrel construction that results in the strongest and most explosive bat that Axe has ever created. This two-piece, hybrid design combines the traditional sound of alloy with the vibration dampening effects of a composite handle. With more whip, less negative feedback in the hands, and an end loaded swing weight, the Elite baseball bats are recommended for power hitters who want to take their swing to the next level. An engineered hitting zone extends the sweet spot while maximizing power to the entire 270-degree contact area, so you'll never need to rotate your barrel for durability -- a benefit you only get by swinging an Axe handle. Not only are you maximizing bat speed and increasing control during every at bat with an Axe handle, but you will be reducing the risk of injury as well. On the other end, a composite HyperWhip end cap extends the barrel length, reduces unnecessary weight, and allows for increased swing speeds. Last, but certainly not least, the innovative Endogrid technology absorbs all shock to the bottom hand for a smooth, comfortable feel on contact. Axe: Make The Switch!

This Axe Elite USA baseball bat (L134F) features a 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter, a drop 5 length to weight ratio, and the USABat certification which makes it approved for play in AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, and Pony. Get a hold of the Axe advantage and order one of these Elite baseball bats today with free shipping and a full one (1) year manufacturer's warranty. Don't forget, with our 24/7 customer service, we'll be here for you from click to hit!

Axe Handle Scientifically Proven Benefits
Better Bat Control - High-speed video reveals a "hammering" motion from the traditional round knob. The Axe handle stabilizes the grip, increasing barrel control.
More Power & Bat Speed - Range of motion is increased and tension is reduced in the hands, resulting in greater power transfer and more bat speed.
Enhanced Comfort - The Axe handle is ergonomically designed to fit naturally in the contour of your hand.
Reduces Injuries - Traditional handles put tremendous pressure on a single point of the hand, which contains the commonly broken Hamate bone. The flush backside of the Axe handle relieves this pressure.

About Axe

Axe Launched by Baden Sports in 2011, the Axe line of bats was hailed as a breakthrough in bat technology by players and coaches from youth leagues to the Pros. The makers of the Axe line of bats often pose the question, "What does your traditional knob do for you?" Most players don't have a good answer. Axe engineers have created a handle that is not only more comfortable and safer in terms of hand injuries, but also helps improve the hitter's swing by keeping them on an even plane. Although Axe is new to the market, they are backed by Baden Sports, Inc., an independent, family-owned compan.... read more

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