Rawlings Professional Birch Wood Baseball Bat: BIRXXX

Rawlings Professional Birch Wood Baseball Bat: BIRXXX
  • Rawlings Professional Birch Wood Baseball Bat: BIRXXX
  • Rawlings Professional Birch Wood Baseball Bat: BIRXXX
  • Rawlings Professional Birch Wood Baseball Bat: BIRXXX
  • Rawlings Professional Birch Wood Baseball Bat: BIRXXX
  • Rawlings Professional Birch Wood Baseball Bat: BIRXXX
  • Rawlings Professional Birch Wood Baseball Bat: BIRXXX
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- Sergio, Newton, NJ

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Product Features

  • Free Shipping!
  • Major League Quality Birch Wood
  • Premium Durability With Fantastic Flex
  • Recommended For Players With Experience Hitting Wood
  • Can Be Any Turn Model From Rawlings' Production Line
  • Approximate -3 Length To Weight Ratio
  • Recommended For Batting Practice Or Cage Hitting


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Questions and Answers

Got a question about the Rawlings Professional Birch Wood Baseball Bat: BIRXXX ? Ask our team of experts, and they will respond within 24 hours.

Ask A Question

Please explain the reasons why players prefer maple vs birch vs ash wood bats? (My understanding is that this is the order of relative hardness, durable, and flight distance; but the reverse is true for softer feel and better control for place hitting.)

Maple is the hardest, most dense wood, and is typically the preferred wood of experienced hitters since it isn't very forgiving on off-center hits and swings a little heavier than the other two woods. Ash offers the most flex, and can handle more hits off the end or near the handle than maple before breaking, and is lighter to swing making ash a better choice for a player who is just beginning to swing wood. Birch offers hardness closer to that of maple, while having flex similar to ash making it a great option for intermediate wood bat hitters.

Logan Expert ·May 21, 2018


So I have a showcase tournament coming up and I'm looking for something cheap, but good enough just to get me through the weekend. Will this bat perform well in games?

This bat should perform fine, yes. Birch is a good, all around wood. Ash bats are the most flexible, maple is the most solid/stiff, and birch falls in the middle of both.

Kyle J. Expert ·May 17, 2018


So is this bat good for use in a men's adult league?

Yes, this bat would be good for use in a men's adult wood bat league.

Kyle J. Expert ·Mar 12, 2018

Product Description

These Rawlings' wood bats do not have a guaranteed turn model, finish, or barrel size.

Do you have experience hitting with wood bats? Are you in need of a new batting cage or practice bat? These Rawlings birch wood baseball bats are just what the doctor ordered. While each model was pulled from Rawlings production line because they did not meet up to their professional players' standards, these are NOT blem bats. Since Rawlings makes wood bats for thousands of players, both professional and amateur, there is no way to guarantee the color, knob, handle or barrel that you will receive. The only guarantee is that you'll be getting a Major League quality birch wood bat at a fraction of the cost! The best part about the birch construction is that it delivers exceptional durability with just the right amount of flex to keep the negative vibration away from your hands. Rawlings: The Mark Of A Pro! You can order one of these Rawlings baseball bats today with free shipping only at JustBats.com. Don't forget, we're here for you from click to hit!

About Rawlings

Rawlings Rawlings is a major manufacturer of competitive team sports equipment and apparel for baseball, basketball and football, as well as licensed MLB, NFL and NCAA retail products. Rawlings is a major supplier to professional, collegiate, interscholastic and amateur organizations worldwide, including the Official Baseball Supplier to Major League Baseball and the Official Basketball and Football for NCAA Championships.The first real innovation in glove making occurred in 1912 when Rawlings Sporting Goods Company introduced the "Sure Catch" glove, which was "endorsed by leading players all ove.... read more

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