2016 Warstic THE WARHAWK BBCOR Baseball Bat: WHWK

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If you have not heard about Warstic then now is the time to learn. Warstic is an independent, Texas-based, sporting goods company that designs and builds wood and metal bats among other items. They pride themselves on aiding players find the fight within themselves to face all challenges at the plate with grit. A clear mind, fearlessness, and mental toughness are all characteristics that Warstic instills. They respect the tradition and timelessness of the game and offer nothing but the highest of quality baseball bats. You, the hitter, are the warrior while Warstic is the craftsman who creates the tools and weapons that you work with. One of the top tools that they offer is the 2016 Warstic THE WARHAWK BBCOR Baseball Bat: WHWK. The WARHAWK is the number one weapon of choice for elite power hitters. The one-piece aluminum design provides a stiff feel that offers more mass behind a swing resulting in maximum ball-flight distance. In addition, the 2016 Warstic The WARHAWK BBCOR Baseball Bat features an end loaded swing weight that power hitters who are swinging for the fence have come to love. The weight distribution that is geared towards the end of the barrel allows for increased strength and power at the point of contact. But, it's not all about the power with the WARHAWK, this particular model comes with a tapered handle that sits comfortably in one's hand for ultimate comfort and feel. Warstic: This Means Battle!
The WARHAWK features the BBCOR Certification and will be legal for play at the high school and collegiate level. Moreover, it is backed by a full twelve (12) month manufacturer's warranty. Buy yours today with Free Shipping!
  • Free Shipping!
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • BBCOR Certified - Approved for High School and Collegiate Play
  • One-Piece Alloy Construction for a Traditional Feel
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • End - Loaded Weight Distribution
  • Tapered Handle

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Warstic Bat Co. is an independent Texas-based company committed to building a unique brand of wood bat for serious players of any age. The company was started by Ben Jenkins, a ballplayer himself. After playing four years of Division 1 college baseball, and a brief stint in the minor leagues, Ben started Warstic Bat Co. in 2011. The goal was to create not only an extremely high quality wood bat, but also a work of art.

Focusing on Craftsmanship, Design,...

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