Founded: 2009

Contact Information:
B45 Head Office
281 rue Edward-Assh
Ste-Catherine (Québec) Canada
G3N 1A3

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History and Background of B45 Sports:

The Mission: Based in Québec, Canada, B45 is known for quality and innovation in the wood baseball bat industry. Through years of collaboration among our staff’s forest engineers and professional players, B45 offers the finest bats made throughout North America and the world. Our raw material, Northern Québec Yellow Birch, possesses extraordinary physical characteristics. Based on game experience and laboratory testing, B45 bats perform consistently better than bats made from either maple or ash. Hard like maple and with flexible wood fibers like ash – B45 bats have a significantly lower breakage rate enhancing hitting performance, lowering overall cost, and adding a measure of safety to the game. Forest engineers know wood, and professional players know performance. Both have combined their expertise to develop B45’s Northern Québec Yellow Birch bats

The Name: Yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis), is the official provincial tree of Québec, where it is called "bouleau jaune". The vast majority of yellow birch in North America grows in Québec above the 45th parallel. Because the company was founded on the many decades of expertise of its forestry engineers, the company took their lead and adopted the name “B45”.

The Quality:
The pledge of B45 is simple -- to provide the finest wood bats available anywhere. The company does not produce metal, graphite, or composite bats.  B45 has put together a one-of-a-kind staff to produce bats of a quality and performance level that the game has not seen. That formula holds true for the MLB professional, AAA, AA, A, short season, independent leagues, fall and winter ball. And it is true whether the player is located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Japan, Korea, China, or Australia. Quality wood and manufacturing care go into all B45 bats. B45 simply does not have “B” or “C” quality grades of wood for “lesser” leagues or players.