Founded: 1999

Contact Information:
80 Womeldorf Lane
Brookville, PA 15825

Warranty Information:

History and Background of BWP Bats:
BWP Bats, LLC is a truly unique wooden bat manufacturer. Our location, state of the art manufacturing processes, and strict attention to detail enables us to provide the highest quality of bats available to the marketplace.

BWP Bats, LLC is located in the heartland of Pennsylvania, which is known as the hardwood capital of the world. Only the finest hardwood trees are processed into bats. Billets that do not meet these criteria are manufactured into other commercial products, such as furniture, flooring and other interior products. As you can see, only the highest quality wood ends up in your customers, hands at the plate. No third grade wood is sold to our customers.

BWP Bats, LLC operates in correlation with two sawmills, several dry kilns, and complete finishing lines. Our products' start as logs and finish up as bats. We have control throughout the entire process, which is truly unique to the marketplace.

Drying is a crucial ingredient in the bat making process. Our one of a kind radio frequency and vacuum process allows the wood to be consistently dried. This process also relieves the residual stress from the wood, which yields extra pop in the bat.

Our capacities speak for themselves, up to 3000 bats per week can be processed at our facilities. This allows us to offer quick lead times and is followed with dependable delivery.

Competitive Pricing
Our pricing is indicative of our competitive strength in the market place. We offer our bats competitively due to the efficiencies we have and our ability to market the unplayable bats. This provides you with a great value, a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Customer Service
Customer service is very important to us. Our full time representatives' work hard to handle your accounts with the professional assistance you deserve. Whether it be placing your orders, checking on billing status, or following up on a question, you can count on receiving the personal attention you need.

Our Unique Process - Harder Wood Equates to Better Performance
Complete use of resources
We are a full service lumber company which allows us to utilize the most stringent selection process in the industry. Unacceptable units will be made into other products at no yield loss. This ensures that you are not paying for inefficiencies and you receive the highest quality wood available, every time.

Billet Selection
Unique to us is our ability to select only the finest quality wood to manufacture into bats.
Only the best lumber and finest grain make our final cut.

Quality Control
The ability for us at BWP to maintain strict quality control from lumber selection, drying, to finishing ensures that you are receiving a top quality professional baseball bat.

State-of-the-Art Drying Process
At BWP we combine both radio frequency and vacuum drying to relieve internal stress in the wood grain. The result? Harder wood which yields extra power, durability, and flexibility.

Bat Customization
We offer custom laser engraving and pad printing of dealer logos for a small added price. Have your signature engraved like the pro's.