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Training Baseball Bats

Our training baseball bats and softball bats are for the players, parents, and coaches who take America’s Pastime seriously and want to improve day after day. These softball and baseball training tools consist of the following: fungo bats, one-hand trainer bats, weighted bats, and swing tracking systems. Take your game to the next level by taking your practice to the next level.

Fungo bats are perfect for both parents and coaches. They are used for hitting ground balls and pop flys during practice with relative ease so that your arms don’t get tired. With a length that is above average and a swing weight that is below average, you'll be able to hit balls in practice all day long. 

One-hand trainer bats will vary in length from 18 - 22 inches so they are much shorter in comparison to your typical baseball bats. These short training bats are ideal for improving hand-eye coordination and help build muscle memory and strength in your hands.

Weighted Bats are just that, weighted. These are a great warm up tool and will help drastically increase one’s swing speed through the hitting zone. The weights on these bats tend to vary but are typically right around 50 ounces.

Swing Tracking Systems. With the emergence of technology and sabermetrics, baseball training is at an all-time high. Swing tracking systems allow players to evaluate, compare, and analyze their swings to help improve performance at the plate.


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