Founded: 2003


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Pinnacle Sports Equipment, Inc.

3555 Victory Blvd

Staten Island, NY 10314

Skype: TMVNY29


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History and Background of Bamboobat Co.:


Why Bamboobat:


•        BamBooBat is made from the highest quality bamboo material available.
•        We team with scientists who specialize in the use of bamboo materials to
create the best possible baseball bat on the market made from our proprietary
mix of varieties of bamboo.
•        Until now bamboo has never had commercial success for baseball bats.  It
was used many years ago but could never be perfected.  Wood bats today break easily and lately aluminum bats have been very controversial.  BamBooBat baseball and softball bats are not easily broken like traditional wood bats and they feel just as good. 
•        30-100 day warranties assure players even if they make a mistake and hit the
bat in the wrong spot, if it breaks within the first 30 day’s of their purchase, we will
pay for the mistake with a new bat.
•        Quadcore Technology makes our BamBooBat balanced all the time.
•        BamBooBat products are made with beautiful high gloss lacquer finish on
all models and more color choices than any other bat line on the market.
•        All 32inch – 34inch adult BamBooBat models are "BESR" Certified for
High School and College players, most wood bat leagues as well. All 26inch -32
inch youth BamBooBat models are “LITTLE LEAGUE APPROVED.”